If the shoe fits is a movement-driven film following the life of a 23-year-old male struggling with the constraints of modern stereotypes. Featuring hybrid art forms, including dance, photographic imagery, projection and film, the work tackles society's expectations of queer identity. Through glimpses of a tormented psyche, the protagonist strives for acceptance of his bent individuality.

Credits :
Directed, Produced and Written by Chris Scherer
Performed by Chris Scherer, Pennii Traitor and Pashion Couture
Sound Design by Sascha Budimski
Choreographed by Chris Scherer
Cinematography by Anny Duff
Editing by Cleland Jones
Photography by Linda Hampton
Projection by Laura Wills
Projection consultation by Matt Huppatz
Lighting Design by Kat Braun & Chris Petridis
Artistic Mentor- Jason Sweeny
Supervising Producer- Ashlee Page
Executive Producer- Bettina Hamilton
Produced in assistance with the MRC and the Feast Festival
Produced with the support of South Australian Government- Office for Youth, Australian Council for the Arts, SAYAB, Volkswagen

Australian Dance Awards 2009 - Winner of Best Dance on Film

I Can See Queerly Now Film Festival (2008, Australia)
South Australian Screen Awards (2009, Australia)
Mardi Gras Film Festival (2009, Australia)
Queerscreen (2009, Australia)
Pink Apple Film Festival (2009, Switzerland)
Queerfilm Festival (2009, Germany)
MIX Film Festival (2009, NYC)
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (2010, UK)
Sydney’s Short Shorts Film Festival (2010, Australia)
Torino GLBT Film Festival (2010, Italy)
Queer City Cinema (2010, Canada)
MIX Milano (2010, Italy)
Queer Lisboa (2010, Portugal)
Hamburg International Queer Film Festival (2010, Germany)